I. reward re‧ward 1 [rɪˈwɔːd ǁ -ˈwɔːrd] noun
1. [countable] something that you receive because you have done something good or helpful:
reward for

• Officials were often posted abroad as a reward for loyal service.

2. [countable, uncountable] money that you earn for doing a job or providing a service:

• Working as a lawyer can bring big financial rewards.

• Her success has brought her little commercial reward.

• the economic rewards that come with tourism

3. [countable, uncountable] money earned by an investment:

• Investors are hoping for big rewards.

• It has reaped huge rewards (= gained them ) in the stock market.

4. [countable] an amount of money offered to someone in return for some information about something:

• The bank is offering a £100,000 reward for information.

  [m0] II. reward reward 2 verb [transitive]
to give someone something such as money because they have done something good or helpful:

• a bonus system that rewards workers who meet targets

reward somebody with something

• The best managers are rewarded with greater responsibility.

* * *

reward UK US /rɪˈwɔːd/ noun
[C or U] WORKPLACE, HR an advantage, for example more money or a better job, that someone receives if they are successful, work hard, etc.: »

To compete with bigger players, small firms will need to share more of the risk and reward of the new market with partners.


Two firms each received £20,000 as a reward for their continued participation in the car-sharing scheme.


Achieving targets has become an increasingly significant component of management incentives and rewards.

a reward for sth »

In a performance culture, you need to let employees know there is a reward for high performance.

receive/get/collect a reward »

Salespeople who are willing to work longer hours will receive significant rewards.

win/earn a reward »

The company won a reward for developing the successful patent.

provide/offer a reward »

Providing rewards to an entire group instead of to individuals can be an effective way to encourage positive group dynamics.

[C, usually plural, or U] money that someone earns for doing a job, especially when this is a very large amount: »

financial/economic/monetary rewards


big/huge/generous rewards

reap/receive/earn rewards »

The link between corporate performance and the big rewards reaped by directors should be more transparent.

provide/offer a reward »

Most securities fraud cases offer too little reward for private attorneys to pursue.

[C or U] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE money that is earned from successful investments: »

Some of these funds are high risk, but the potential rewards are enormous.


Another area which has reaped rewards for investors is the bond fund arena, which tends to be less volatile and lower risk than equity funds.

[C] an amount of money that is given to someone who provides important information about something: »

A four-figure reward for information was offered by a local businessman.


a $10,000/£50,000/€100,000, etc. reward

offer/put up a reward »

A series of high-profile ads in the newspapers offered a substantial reward to anyone who could help with the investigation.

reward UK US /rɪˈwɔːd/ verb [T]
WORKPLACE, HR to give a person, company, or organization money or other advantages because they have been successful: »

The Industrial Exporter of the Year award will reward a company that has expanded outside the domestic market.

be rewarded (for sth) »

Managers who innovate and focus on economic profit will be rewarded.

reward sb for sth »

Bonuses are a management tool that reward employees for hard work.

be rewarded by sb »

Companies that reduce earnings volatility and lower the probability of large losses are rewarded by financial markets with less expensive and better access to capital.

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE if investors are rewarded, they make a profit from their investments: be rewarded with sth »

Anyone who bought the shares at 425.5p in November will have been rewarded with a 12% return.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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